How do I use your e-mail information?

I use it to send you Jeff's Thoughts.

That's it. End of story. Simple, isn't it?

Look, I hate spam at least as much as you do. I am never going to share or sell my e-mail list to anyone. You will never find your e-mailbox clogging up with "special, don't-miss offers" from someone else using my list, because nothing can induce me to share those e-mail addresses with anyone else.

I know you are trusting me not to drag uninvited guests into your e-mailbox, and I promise you I will honor that trust.

All of the communications I send out on that list are bona fide issues of Jeff's Thoughts.

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Now, occasionally something comes up that merits a special edition that can't wait two weeks. I have used this approach (rarely) to make sure people get the opportunity to participate in time-limited events because I truly believe that will be helpful to my readers.

But I will not pack your e-mailbox with countless messages, constantly trying to sell you services or enroll you in seminars. Every issue is written with your benefit in mind, and it will always be that way.

And remember, every single issue has an un-subscribe link in it. So you're not taking any chances, when you subscribe, that you'll be stuck on my e-mailing list forever.

Naturally, I hope you'll find my ideas of value, as so many others have, over the years.

But that decision is up to you, and that's just the way I like it!