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My web site offers plenty of articles and short papers on a wide range of topics, including:

In a few areas, I've put together longer papers  to discuss certain needs in greater depth. You can find my white papers on Credit Policy,  Culture Issues, and Credit Portfolio Risk Management below.

Credit Policy

In working with business borrowers, you have learned how creating – and following – a good business plan can contribute to that business's success. And your experience has also taught you that many businesses have the wrong plan, or  a weak plan, or no plan at all. Others started out with a good plan, but drifted away from it over time, to their detriment.
Your credit policy is nothing less than your business plan for your credit operations!
How's it working?
Download my 30-page white paper, "Is Your Credit Policy Working for You?" for an understanding of:

Culture Issues

If you used to think of "Culture" as a fuzzy idea that didn't impact your bank's success, the recession probably changed your mind! But as conditions have improved, it has become easier and easier to forget that having the right culture isn't a luxury or a "nice to have" …
… it's a key source of competitive advantage in your marketplace!
What's the right culture? I believe a "tight" culture – one in which all levels and functions have the same understanding of goals, standards, strategies, practices, values – allows an institution to respond to changing conditions, to ward off threats and seize opportunities, more quickly than does a "loose" culture where different players are out of alignment with one another.
Explore the attributes and advantages of the desired tight culture by downloading my 23-page white paper, "Build Your Culture, Build Your Business". Learn more about how tightening your culture can make you more nimble, more resilient, and more successful. Topics include:

Credit Portfolio Risk Assessment

Managing loss reserves and capital is a major challenge for any credit institution. We have plenty of experience, in recent years, to show us what happens when too little is put aside to cover losses. But is it possible to be too cautious? What harm does over-reserving do?
There is a "sweet spot" between over-reserving and under-reserving, and to hit that sweet spot, you need the best possible portfolio assessment tools. The most effective credit portfolio assessment not only paints a portrait of where your pools of risk lie at any given moment in time, they offer reliable predictive power.
For more about this line of reasoning, start with my 14-page white paper, "Finding the ALLL/Capital “Sweet Spot” for Your Bank", which explains how a more reliable approach to credit portfolio assessment offers better balance between protection and growth. You'll learn more about:

For a more technical description of how the recommended tool, Terminal Risk Analysis, delivers powerful assessment and predictive power, along with stress testing features, download 19 pages of in-depth explanation of the model behind Terminal Risk Analysis.

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