Do Your Credit Staff Have the Knowledge and Skills to Ensure Success for your Credit Business?

Your best strategies, policies, processes and procedures count for little if your employees cannot execute them effectively and efficiently. Whether it is qualifying (and disqualifying) borrowers through financial and credit analysis or protecting your assets through structuring, monitoring, and early problem loan detection and response, your employees need specific knowledge and skills to support a healthy credit business.

I believe the best reason for deploying training is to boost the performance of your credit business. The most successful institutions I work with see training as one of several tools they can use to be more competitive,  to enhance outcomes for the entire organization.

Common Training Needs

Are you facing any of these challenges?

I have trained every level from top management and boards of directors to front line officers, analysts, and support staff. I can provide training for every aspect of lending to businesses, from understanding the risks and impacts  to analysis, structure, and problem loans. I've dealt with credit staff in banks, credit unions, and other entities that extend business credit (e.g., equipment dealerships).

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