"Jeff Judy & Associates" is a lot more than a convenient name for my consulting business. Even with all of my years of experience in financial services, many projects call for particular knowledge or skills that I can better provide in collaboration with my team of associates.

These are individuals whom I have worked with repeatedly, whose work I can absolutely guarantee. I have found the best in the business and made them available, so that you can focus on your needs and goals, and let me bring the expertise to bear that will enable you to meet those needs and achieve those goals.

Associates are called in because what they know, and what they can do, is what you need. Some associates have very specific expertise that are needed in special situations, and I will alert my clients when that is the case. But several key players among my team of associates who frequently work directly with my clients, and I’ve provided more information about each one of them below.

What My Associates Are NOT . . .

Rest assured, if you have contracted me for some consulting work and you find yourself working with some of my associates, those associates are there because they add value to your project, and that is the only reason.

Key Players

Although I will call in anyone who can bring the expertise and skills you need to achieve your goals, I rely most heavily on the following associates:

Nan Gesche

When clients face cultural, communication, and organizational issues, Nan Gesche offers a unique combination of training and experience.

Nan has seen banking from the inside, as training director of a bank holding company, and from the outside, as a bank examiner. She knows how companies work ... or don't ... from years of helping diverse organizations in areas such as strategic planning, change management, and organizational development.

Nan tackles strategic alignment, culture, and communication issues with professional expertise (M.A. in Organizational Development, Professional Certification in Training and Development, instructor at University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas). But she translates that expertise into practical action plans based on real-world banking and business experience.

From the boardroom to the front lines to the classrooms, Nan's knowledge, enthusiasm, flexibility, and sense of humor will help you build a culture that impacts the bottom line. Learn more about Nan at

Dean E. Bachmeier

With several decades of experience in financial services, Dean brings considerable knowledge of risk management, commercial lending and finance, policy and procedures, and banker training and development to the team.

Dean spent twenty years in credit origination, administration and training with Norwest Corporation/Wells Fargo & Company in the Twin Cities. His banking career included experience in small business and middle-market lending, managing a credit training/banker development program, corporate credit approval, leading loan portfolio acquisition due diligence teams, and consolidating and managing a company-wide credit risk review function.

Since 1999, Dean has been active in corporate finance advisory services as owner of DB Capital Strategies, LLC (DBCS), and through his affiliation with Private Capital Management, Inc. (PCM). DBCS provides financial consulting and acquisition advisory services to small and medium size companies. PCM is a Minnesota based registered investment advisor with $400 million under management, and investments in six local companies. As a principal of PCM, Dean is responsible for generating and managing investments in privately owned companies. He serves on the Board of Directors of several portfolio companies providing strategic planning, capital allocation and management succession oversight. In addition, he has instructed various classes and seminars for The Risk Management Association and other financial service organizations in areas of financial and credit analysis.

He received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Dakota and his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

Will Kenny

Will Kenny has spent the last twenty-five years helping organizations establish and sustain best business practices. Will's vast experience in training and employee communications supports efforts to effect culture change and implement best practices, to lead employees to work in ways that advance the key strategies of the organization.

Will provides instructional design, training development, and business writing services to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses and individual professionals to national and international corporations. He plays a key role in the implementation phase of many projects, making sure that the new ideas and better practices we have developed with the client carry over into how the employees actually work on the front lines. Whether designing curricula, developing seminar material, scripting presentations, or creating supporting tools, Will's focus is on lasting change for better results.

As principal of the consultancy, Best Training Practices, Will publishes The Training Tipsheet, a bi-weekly e-newsletter touching on employee communications and training, influencing employee behavior, and managing best practices. Reprints from The Training Tipsheet, along with other articles and case studies about managing corporate culture, are available at the Best Training Practices web site.

William E. Stansifer

Bill Stansifer's extensive experience in credit, both in staff positions and as a consultant, has given him command of both the big picture and the crucial details. Bill is often called in when the overall direction of the institution, the policy and objectives, need clarification. He is also an expert in, among other things, the analysis of loan portfolios to better predict expected losses. Bill's banking experience includes his role as Credit Policy Officer for the Community Banking Group at Norwest and a stint as Chief Credit Officer for FirstMerit Corporation, a $10 billion regional holding company based in Akron, Ohio. Bill later fled the corporate world to try his hand at some real commerce. He has stumbled back from that foray to do some consulting for community banks and some teaching (banking) in Vietnam. Bill loves data, and he especially loves loan migration analysis. When he isn't traveling on consulting or teaching gigs, he hides out in Amish country in northeastern Ohio.