Effective training is about a lot more than just knowledge.

You rely on training to make sure bank staff have the skills and the knowledge to execute key strategies effectively and efficiently. But when you hire someone to work with your employees, whether in a seminar or a webinar, a conference workshop or a coaching call, you are looking for something more.

You are looking for someone who:

The challenge: many of those qualities are difficult to assess -- to "test drive" -- before you engage a trainer, facilitator, or coach.

My solution: I offer abundant evidence of my track record with clients, and of my beliefs and communication style, to help you decide if I'm the right person to work with your team improve their performance and achieve better results over the long haul.

My Track Record

Pure and simple, I could not run such a successful training and consulting business if my clients did not book me again and again to deliver (and develop) training for them. It's a rare client that doesn't have me back for additional engagements, and many of my client relationships have lasted for years and years.

So start by reviewing a sampling of the clients I have worked with on the "Who Uses My Training" page.

And then, please take a few minutes to explore what my participants, my clients, and readers of my articles and newsletters have had to say about how I communicate my ideas. Visit my Testimonials page to get a feel for the value my clients and participants place on the training experiences I offer.

Communication "Samples"

While the written word cannot demonstrate all the energy, creativity, and impact I bring to the classroom, it can reveal a lot about my beliefs about banking, the themes I cover most often, and above all, about my ability to get those ideas across.

Explore the articles I have written for major trade publications, association journals and newsletters, and my own e-zine. You can see my reasoning, my concerns, my advice, my explanations, just as other readers found them in their own trade association magazine, in a newsletter, or in a white paper or other special report I have provided to clients.

So take a test drive! Examine the themes I embrace and how I share my ideas about them, by visiting the "Sample My Ideas" page. You will find well over 100 samples of my writing that should help you get comfortable with the Jeff Judy approach to guiding bank employees toward better outcomes.

Explore my "samples" and get to know me as a communicator. Then contact me to discuss your training needs.