I Help Conference Participants See the Big Picture (So They Do the Little Things Right)

Conferences - whether put on by a credit union league, a state or national banking association, or run internally across all the branches of an institution-are a great way to remind staff of what's important.
After all, with their heads down just keeping up with the work, it is easy for both management and employees  to lose sight of why they should do things the proper way.

Common Concerns

Banks and credit unions use conferences to provide context for best practices and raise awareness of key principles. Below I have listed just a few popular topics from my appearances across the country at state, regional, and national associations, as well as for individual institutions. (And to read some reactions to my appearances, visit my Testimonials page.)

Get Your Money's Worth!

It's easy to go to a conference (or send someone), but how do you make sure you benefit? By avoiding these "Five Ways to Feel Good While Wasting Time and Money"

Of course, I cover many other topics, often customized to a particular audience. If there's a topic about credit for businesses that would interest participants at your conference, drop me a note to learn more about what I can provide for you.

Have It Your Way

I always adapt my presentations to my clients' needs:

For the best outcomes, knowing what to do is not enough. Knowing the why behind daily business lending practices is what leads to long-term success.

Please Contact Me to Discuss Your Needs for Your Next Conference