Take a Moment to "Meet" Me! 

Sometimes it is nice to put a face and a voice with the name!

At least, that was how I felt when, for many years, I hired speakers and consultants for events at a large regional bank. Style and personality matter, and although there is a lot of information on this web site that can show you what I believe, how I feel about credit, what I think is important, you may find it helpful to "meet" me as I talk about some of these subjects.

On this page, I have collected some brief videos in which I talk about:

Take a moment to get a feel for the style and viewpoint I will bring to your audience.

Principles and Beliefs

I've developed some beliefs on how credit should work, and on how I should work with clients in the credit business. One of the best ways to understand my perspective is to watch one or more of the following videos to:

Training Previews

As mentioned above, for some events, it is helpful for participants – or the managers who send them to training – to see what they will be getting if they sign up for a course. The videos below are examples of typical "preview" or "introduction" videos that can help participants decide if the course is for them … at the same time they help those who sponsor my appearance to promote the event.

(By the way, if you decide to book me to appear at your event, why not contact me to discuss creating a short video, like the examples above, to use on your web site or in your e-mails?)

Let's Talk About What I Can Do for Your Audience