Are We a Good "Fit" for Each Other?

There's plenty of  information on this  site about what  I do.

But in a consulting relationship, how I do things is  just as important. Are my ideas consistent with your approach to credit? Does my communication style mesh with your practices?

In short, you don't want to just know about my experience and expertise. You want a good fit with your organization's culture, values, and history.

To explore that fit, take a test drive of my ideas, my philosophy,  and my style:

  1. See & Hear Me in brief video clips. Several explain my credit philosophy, while others provide quick overviews of some of my most popular teaching activities. (You can also learn more about my philosophy from my Core Beliefs page.)
  2. Explore My e-Zine, where an archive of over 200 past articles on a wide range of credit topics will give you a solid sample of  my ideas and my approach to sharing those ideas.
  3. Credit Union readers can explore my "Insights" series of short articles on issues related to Member Business Lending, while …
  4. Bankers can find articles specifically related to the banking industry, and …
  5. Other Writings offer suggestions for getting the best  return on your training investment.
  6. White Papers on culture, credit policy, ALLL/Capital management and credit portfolio assessment provide more in-depth discussion of these topics.

When you bring someone in to help communicate principles and practices to your staff, just "knowing the subject matter" is not enough to ensure best outcomes. Take a few minutes to "test drive" me to see how my approach complements your goals, standards, and values.

Please Explore My Ideas and My Style