Learning About Learning …

I have held training sessions and made presentations to thousands of participants over the past several decades. As a highly experienced trainer and presenter, I've noticed some things about my audiences, and about your institution's investment in these events.

Return On Investment

Sending staff to training is a significant investment. It costs money, but it also costs time off the line, even if it is something as short as a webinar.

At past appearances, I have shared my observations about what leads to a good return on investment in employee education. If you are a manager who is sending someone to an event, you might want to download and share one of the following items:

(You may download and distribute the above items to your staff for free, providing you do not modify the documents, or charge a fee or sell the documents to anyone.)

If you are a conference organizer, contact me to discuss my writing an article for your newsletter, to appear in advance of the event. My clients find that setting up the topic in advance leads to a better prepared, more engaged audience, and promotes awareness of their conference or activity.

I Help Participants Get Your Institution's Money's Worth