In the April, 2007 issue Independent Banker from ICBA, my comments were featured in an article titled “On the Hunt”, about attracting and retaining commercial loan officers. If you didn't catch that article (by Ray Pelosi) in the Lender Life section of the magazine, or don't subscribe, the summary below captures the key points I made in that article.

The article focused on the challenges community banks face in staffing commercial lenders. The banking industry as a whole is facing a labor shortage for many positions, and competition for skilled employees can be fierce.

As the author pointed out, salary is obviously a key factor, and larger community banks tend to pay higher salaries.

But given roughly the same salary, what other factors play a role in finding and keeping good commercial loan officers, and in getting the most out of them? That's the area I addressed in my comments, and I made the following points:

Community banks have to face up to the challenges of acquiring and developing good commercial lending staff. But salary isn't the only tool they have to achieve good results! Applying the ideas I´ve suggested above can greatly boost your return on your investment in recruiting and retaining commercial loan officers.