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I know how busy you are! In my work training bank staff and consulting with their boards and senior management, I have learned that every minute of your day fighting fires, dealing with surprises, and taking those extra steps that ensure the best possible outcomes for your bank and for your customers.

And I know that you mean to find time to think about the big issues, to make sure you don't lose sight of why you make the decisions you do, why you take the actions you do. We all mean to take time to step back from everyday demands on our time and attention to remember important strategies and values, to remember, truly, what we have learned from experience that can help us be more successful in the future

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Is that working for you? Are good intentions enough?

Or do you look up from your desk, every couple of weeks, only to realize that you're still mired in the everyday details and crises and immediate demands, and that you haven't come any closer to putting your daily actions and decisions in a context of broader ideas that guide you toward success?

That's where Jeff's Thoughts comes in.

Get the Nudge You Need!

Every two weeks, I visit your e-mailbox (with your permission) to gently remind you of those bigger themes and basic principles of sound credit. It's a little like an alarm clock set to remind you to think about how you work!

Jeff's Thoughts is helpful for everyone who manages financial risk, enhances delivery of financial services, or builds better financial relationships with their customers. It helps you keep an eye on your own cultural context, the values of your institution, and the key practices that will give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

You can sample any of more than 200 past articles from Jeff's Thoughts by visiting my Archive of past issues.

More than a few readers find the topics timely enough to regularly pass them along to their staff, or use them to promote important discussions with their direct reports:

"I have been using your Jeff's Thoughts articles in each and every one of my credit committee meetings. I find it very helpful to identify a different and specific topic each week. Thank you for what you do."
-- Cleve P. Witham, Ruby Valley National Bank

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But the focus of Jeff's Thoughts is steadily bringing you the ideas you need to step back, every two weeks, and evaluate what you are doing, every day, within a larger, longer term framework.

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