You've done an assessment, you have found some challenges in your culture. How do you respond?

When you complete an assessment of your organization's culture, you may discover that your culture is not tight enough to confer the competitive advantage, the effectiveness and nimbleness, that you are after. (For more about what I mean by a "tight culture," see the "Culture & Competitive Advantage" page.

Remember that a tight culture helps you in a couple of ways:

  1. In a tight culture, the strategies devised at the top are truly delivered at the front line, and
  2. A tight culture enjoys effective communication practices that spread new ideas, strategies, and practices throughout the organization quickly, with a nimbleness that delivers a powerful competitive advantage

To enjoy those benefits, you need:

Jeff Judy & Associates addresses those needs with:

Reinforce Preferred Practices with Training

Many of my clients respond to culture issues, whether already known to them or exposed through an assessment, with training. Indeed, many clients book me for training events even as they are assessing their culture (for which they receive a discount).

When is training part of the solution? And why wouldn't you wait until the assessment is done before booking training activities?

There are many ways that clients address disparities in vision and practices within their organization. The most common ways of applying training to strengthen the culture include:

Training, Assessment, and Timing

Naturally, some clients know when they contact me that they have issues with consistent practices or effective communication. They may my help in addressing those issues, without any culture assessment at all.

Others sense that they have inconsistencies within the organization, perform an assessment, and then use the results to make decisions about the need for consulting and training services.

But some engage me and my associates before the assessment is completed. Why?

Meeting Your Needs

Training on banking practices is such an important tool in supporting a tight, effective culture that it has its own section on my site. Please visit the training services page for more about the subjects I have taught, the clients I have served, and the curriculum development services I offer.

For more about our approach to enhancing your communication patterns, please continue on to the "Making Communication Work" page to learn about our most popular offerings.

And you may also wish to review our consulting services around Credit Policy and Process, supporting your efforts to capture, standardize, and reinforce key elements of your culture and practices.

Continue on to Making Communication Work ...

Without action -- training your employees, documenting your expectations and practices, establishing systems and processes to support the culture, and enhancing your communication practices -- your culture will not change for the better.