My Values & Principles Matter as Much as my Teaching and Consulting Expertise

Over several decades of delivering credit services and teaching others how to do the same, I have developed a core set of beliefs. These beliefs cover how credit should work, but they also cover how my relationships with clients should work.

For a quick overview of those beliefs and principles, watch my core beliefs video. It's a good way to "meet" me, to hear what I believe in, and to get a feeling for my commitment to those principles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A few questions come up again and again with new clients. Most of the answers are found elsewhere on this site, so use the links below to get your questions answered.

What services do you offer?

Clients typically use me  in the following roles:

What are your main themes in education and consulting?

I believe:

How can I learn more about your style, your approach?

I believe that "fit" is important. That is, expertise is not enough. You want someone who shares your values, who communicates in ways that fit your institution. You want someone who thinks the right way about credit in general, so that when a new question pops up, and I have to respond "on my feet" to an issue, you can be confident of an appropriate response.

You want someone who fits your desired culture.

The best way to get at that intangible side of what you're buying when you hire me is to explore the "Test Drive Me!" tab. You will find:

And, of course, if you still have questions after your "test drive", drop me a line!

Quick! I need your photo and bio to promote your appearance!

A quick visit to my Press Kit tab will give you several options for photos and biographical blurbs to help you market your event.

How do you help institutions achieve their goals?

I provide both consulting and training services in several key areas. To consistently achieve good credit outcomes, your institution needs:

With my team of associates, I can help in every one of these areas.

Tell me more about your training services

I have trained bank and credit union employees at every level of credit operations, in every part of the country, as well as in international settings. Use the following links to learn:

How do clients commonly use you as a consultant?

My clients seek my advice on a wide range of topics, but among the more common consulting issues are:

Who are the "Associates"?

My associates are an integral part of my business, and appropriate players may play key roles in any client project. But you should know that I never call in associates just to delegate work that would be better done by me.

I have worked with each of my associates for many years, so you can be confident that they will be called in to provide specific expertise and skills. You can learn more about how I deploy my associates, along with the backgrounds of some key players on my team, at my Associates page.

Contact Me to Explore our "Fit" to Do Great Work Together