Enhance Training Results with the Power of "And"

Say "training" and you automatically envision a room full of participants, with an instructor or facilitator at the front of the room.

Of course, these days, your next thought might be "distance learning", where the training comes to participants at their desks. Webinars are the most common format, but conference calls can also be an effective tool in enhancing training impact.

Which is better, in-person or webinar-based training? What are the trade-offs?

There are many factors in decisions about training delivery, and the best path is to consult with me about your needs, your constraints, and your training goals.

The Power of "And"

When you start thinking about delivery formats, consider this:

Instead of choosing either classroom or webinar, joining classroom and webinar formats often produces optimal results

For instance, webinars can be used to introduce the topic and to lay the background. They can also be used, say, to set out a case study or other homework. Then a classroom meeting can be a powerful way to share participants' work, opinions, and remaining questions.

Combinations of that kind can offer:

I will work with you to find the format, or combination of formats, that makes the most sense for the training topic, your goals for training outcomes, your education practices and your budget.

Explore Ways to Maximize Training Impact and Cost-effectiveness