The Secret To Gaining Competitive Advantage

You constantly work to craft better strategies, and adopt better practices, than your competition. You watch business conditions and your local and regional economies for changes that offer opportunities or present threats.

But where do you stand, compared to your rivals, when:

Coming up with great business ideas delivers little competitive advantage if you cannot implement those ideas quickly, thoroughly, and consistently. Combining the strengths of two organizations produces no benefit until you distill their cultures, the way you do things throughout the organization, into a single, uniform approach.

Why "Tight" Beats "Right"

The most important thing about the culture of your institution is not the particular beliefs and strategies espoused by leadership, nor is it the actual practices of your front-line employees. The most important thing is:

how consistently different staff across different levels, locations,
 and functions handle similar situations

When common business situations or customer requests arise, how confident are you that an executive and a young front-line credit officer come up with the same answers? Do different players in different roles, in different branches or regions, believe the same things about "how we do things around here"?

When you get the same answers, no matter who or where you ask, you have  a tight culture that can help you thrive, not just survive, because:

  1. A tight culture makes you nimble, responding quickly to changing business situations by rapidly implementing revised strategies.
  2. A tight culture prevents ugly surprises, when your leadership plans one thing and employees do another.

In spite of the best intentions when your leadership sets strategies and designates desired practices, there are many ways to end up with a "loose" culture that neuters those strategies and puts you a step behind your competition as you respond to changing conditions and opportunities:

Culture Truly Matters to Your Success

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Is Your Culture Working For You?

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Whether you understand and manage your culture, or you leave it to evolve and drift on its own, your culture will make a long term difference to your success. It's up to you!

Manage Your Culture to Manage Your Business