What Gets Lost in MBL?

Does your credit union suffer from "the experience trap"?

Your credit union had long experience in consumer lending before you offered Member Business Lending. To launch MBL, you hired commercial loan officers, or a service organization, to bring their knowledge of the business credit world to your credit union.

But does your board of directors understand that world as well as it should? Do your support staff understand what is truly different about MBL? Do they assume that MBL is a straightforward extension of what the credit union has always done in the past?

I'm not talking about the mechanics of business lending – analysis, structure, and the like. I'm talking about basic keys to understanding MBL and the opportunities and risks it brings to your credit union.

I'm talking about a crucial conversation around goals, strategies, risks, and standards for MBL … a conversation that may never have even begun, lost in the effort to make MBL happen for your members.

The "Observations and Insights" articles below are conversation starters you can use to help board members and support staff become more aware of some unique issues that come with MBL, so they can make the right decisions and take the right actions to ensure that MBL is a benefit to the entire membership.

Available "Insights" Articles

Click on any of the titles below to download a two-page "Insight" on Member Business Lending:

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