Merging Credit Union Culture with Business Lending Practices is Not Always Easy

At first glance, offering business lending looks straightforward because all credit unions start by acquiring existing business lending expertise, either by:

The Downside

Whether you bring in commercial loan officers or outsource your business lending services, it is, frankly, easy to get it wrong:

For a sample of some popular training topics for credit unions, download "Typical Business Lending Topics For Credit Unions."

In the end, culture is what makes a credit union work. A credit union has a fundamentally different approach than a commercial bank.

When business lending practices are not the responsibility of the entire credit union – from top to bottom, just as your traditional services have always been – risk increases, service fragments, and success falters. Not everyone needs to know how to handle a business loan, but everyone does need to understand key concepts about member business lending. (For more about the cultural impact of adding MBL to your services, download my 'think piece' on "Making Business Lending Work For Your Credit Union".)

Comprehensive Training

Very simply, business lending is too important to be left solely in the hands of the business lenders. It requires engagement throughout every level of the credit union.

Training can build awareness and technical knowledge at:

For maximum training impact, learn how "Customized Training" offers faster, stronger results.

Business lending is a great service, and a great opportunity. But it is not a simple extension of traditional credit union lending.

Are you confident that all your staff know how to make the most of business lending services for your credit union? It takes an entire credit union to make MBL work!


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