Train the Right People in the Right Process from the Right Perspective!

While just about everything I teach is related to your credit business, I offer a spectrum of subjects well beyond, say, financial statement analysis or credit structure. For example, issues like relationship management, or learning to leverage analysis to uncover new opportunities, have a significant impact on the success of your credit function and the contribution it makes to the overall profitability of the bank.

My clients find it helpful to sort out their training needs, and the solutions I offer, along the following "dimensions":

Let's look at each dimension – and typical training topics for each -- a little more closely.

The People Dimension

Who might be in the audience?

To see popular topics organized by audience, download this brief summary.

 The Process Dimension

When most people think of "training topics" in credit, they are usually thinking at the level of the credit process, the sequence of steps and interactions that lie between the initial credit request and the final repayment or charge off.
Some typical topics organized along this dimension would be:

To see popular topics organized by the credit process, download this brief summary.

The Perspective Dimension

A credit portfolio is created through many, many individual transactions. Effective credit policy and process depend on a consistent culture across several levels and locations.
Since I have taught participants from every level of banking, I often provide different perspectives for difference audiences within the same institution. For instance:

To walk through one or two examples of the role perspective plays in my course offerings, download this summary of the perspective dimension.

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