Is Your Left Hand Holding Your Right Hand Back?

Training and presentations can often solve, or avoid, problems, but they will not overcome systemic issues. Sharing knowledge, context, and skills cannot produce great results in the face of institution-wide  issues that simply reinforce the old patterns of behavior you are trying to change.

When credit policy is weak or even irrelevant, when the credit process is inconsistent, when the organization's culture fails to support strategies and goals, a closer look is needed.

And that's when my clients ask me to put on my consulting hat for them. Here are some of the most common systemic issues I address for my clients:

With my team of associates, we can address a wide range of issues from culture and team building to portfolio risk analysis to training and communication needs to virtually any aspect of your credit process.

Are Systemic Issues Holding You Back?
Let Me Help You See the Bigger Picture