Educating the industry and the general public, through print media, is an ongoing mission for me.

My writing appears regularly in trade journals, association and school newsletters, and the general business media. You can find my articles and interviews in publications such as:

You can sample reprints from publications like these below.

In addition, I have created special documents for direct distribution to individuals in banking, such as:

You can also visit my Press Releases page to see some of the topics I have shared with the general media.

Sample Reprints

As I described above, my articles appear in newsletters, trade association journals, and the general media on a regular basis. Here are a few examples of my work in recent years:

My White Papers

Some key topics demand more in-depth treatment, and for these topics I prepare White Papers of greater length. These White Papers help bank management review major factors in achieving success in banking, among them:

How To Get More Out Of Your Training Investment

In all the training and conference presentations I do, I make sure I give banks their money's worth, the money they have invested to send participants to these events.

But I also want to make sure that banks take their money's worth! There is only so much I can do. Prepared, engaged, supported participants produce a much better return on the training investments for their employers.

If you are a supervisor who is sending some of your staff to a training event, I encourage you to download and share some of the following documents:

You may download and distribute the above items to your staff for free, providing you do not modify the documents, or charge a fee or sell the documents to anyone.

My archive of free reprints, and my e-zine archives, will continue to grow as I continue to advocate sound banking practices in the trade and general media.